About Faerie Story


I’m Emma and I’m the designer and maker behind Faerie Story. I’ve always had a love of art, crafts and design and am never happier than when I’m in my studio working on new ideas.

I studied fine art at degree level followed by a postgraduate degree in production design which led to a varied and interesting career in production and costume design within the film and television industries. This involved designing and making a wide range of weird and wonderful sets, props, graphics and costumes. 



After having children I no longer wanted to work such long hours or travel so extensively with my career so I began designing and making products for sale at home, selling on Etsy and generally keeping much more flexible hours. I've been able to fit my work around school, after school clubs, dog walks and family life! It suits me perfectly. 

I design and make everything in my shop myself using 100% cotton designer fabrics and premium wool felts in cute, co-ordinated colours. I favour a simple, quirky style and find inspiration in my children's drawings and story books.


As an artist I find I have a lot of ongoing interests and inspirations! I love to paint seascapes in acrylics and flowers in watercolour, I make paper and silk organza flowers which I incorporate into handmade fascinators and flower crowns. I enjoy drawing, photography, and graphic design.

My current inspirations within textiles are metalwork embroidery and tambour beading. Tambour is a type of couture beading worked with a very fine hook, similar to a tiny crochet needle.  I am currently working on some kit designs to include in my shop.