From Etsy to Shopify!

I opened my Etsy shop, Faerie Story, in March 2017, after planning to set up a handmade business for 5 years! What finally got me up and running was taking part in 'Etsy Resolution' in January 2017 which was a mentoring programme run by Etsy on everything you need to know to run an Etsy shop. I learnt how best to set up listings and tags, policies and shipping, Etsy SEO and finally launched my shop! It's possible without signing up for this programme I would never have opened as I was so daunted about selling my handmade items.

I have learnt so much about running a business of one and managing an Etsy shop over the past 3 years Faerie Story has been trading but I have increasingly felt constrained by Etsy and knew it was time to branch out onto my own website, where I have sole creative responsibility.

I imagined setting up a Shopify website would be pretty quick as there are options to import all listings and settings direct from Etsy and although this has undoubtably saved me a lot of time, I soon realised everything would need to be individually reformatted. So that is what I have spent the last 10 weeks doing while still managing Faerie Story on Etsy and homeschooling children!

I have really enjoyed setting up in Shopify though, despite being time consuming it has definitely been incredibly easy.  I've built everything myself exactly how I want it and even figured out the code to allow me to collect custom order information and set custom shipping documents.

Probably the most annoying part of Shopify is that photographs do not automatically format by size or aspect ratio so I have had to individually reformat each of the main product images to get a consistent look across collection pages. 


I'm planning on keeping a blog on all things Faerie Story, Shopify, Etsy and e-commerce related so if anyone has any questions please send them across!

I'm also planning a separate blog on my current inspirations in fine art practice, as my background is in fine art, production and costume design and I freelance in these areas alongside running Faerie Story.  Recently I have been working on a number of projects with the general theme of memorials and shrines, working with found objects, printed text, flowers from the garden, wildflowers found in the local area, layered and dyed textiles and family history research.



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